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Lefkada Micro Farm

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Embark on a culinary journey with Lefkada Micro Farm, indulging in their ultimate Farm-to-Table Greek cuisine featuring a meticulously crafted seven-course meal that epitomizes freshness and health. Utilizing organic vegetables and premium ingredients, each dish is prepared with the same love and attention as for their own family.


Delight in cooking classes where you'll uncover the secrets of traditional Greek cuisine, immersing yourself in an open-air kitchen complete with a wood-burning oven. Under expert guidance, learn to prepare iconic Greek recipes using original ingredients sourced directly from the farm's garden, including the renowned Lefkadian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


In The Olive Oil Experience, delve into the world of olive oil production, discovering why it's cherished as "Greek Gold" and experiencing firsthand the cultivation, history, and benefits of this prized ingredient. Sample various olive oil varieties and engage in the unique opportunity to press your own olive oil using a manual press.

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Olives Lefkada Farm Tour
The Olive Oil Experience

Find out why we love Olive Oil and why we produce the purest and healthiest Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the island of Lefkada. Learn about the history, the cultivation and the benefits of this “Greek Gold”. Taste different varieties and press your very own Olive Oil with our manual press.

Cooking Classes Lefkada
Cooking Classes

Discover the secrets of traditional Greek cuisine. Prepare iconic Greek recipes with our help and guidance. Experience cooking in our open air kitchen and wood burning oven. Taste original ingredients, fresh organic vegetables from our garden and Lefkadian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Fresh Produce Lefkada
Farm to Table Private Dining

Experience Lefkada Micro Farm’s ultimate Farm-to-Table Greek cuisine. This seven course meal is the epitome of freshness and health. We use the very same organic vegetables and finest ingredients as we would for our family. No mass production, no rush: only love and passion for what we do.

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